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“ I wish my people to be happy like your people...Please come and help our people to know God like you know God "

The above quote from a man in Israel tells it all. There is a hunger in Israel from both Jews and  Arabs for a living relationship with God. Their hunger has often been kindled as they have met living Christians as they visit the Holy Land.

Since 1970 Dr. Gerald Derstine has had a driving vision for Israel and has since then taken groups over to the Holy Land over 50 times!

The events of those trips are now the subject of books like “Fire Over Israel”  as God used  Dr. Derstine in a awesome way. I.A.I. (Israel Affairs International) was born out of his compelling love for these people. This was to be an organization for blessing and practically helping all the people of Israel.

One of the most remarkable events of this ministry was when Dr. Derstine met with the Samaritan High Priest who became a believer of Jesus!

I.A.I. has been able to live Christianity in a personal level at places where normally Christians are not invited to go. Examples of this is sharing in high schools both in Jewish, Arab and even Bedouin (a first!) and even marched in a Jewish parade near Galilee to become a part of that city’s  holiday celebrations, a first for Christians in that city.

Israel Affairs International at work:

    • Providing food and housing for the needy in Israel and Romania

    • Organize Tour Groups where the tour provides a one-on-one experience of personally visiting and blessing the people of Israe

    • Taking drama, music and arts teams to high schools, villages and city events

    • Involved in the peace process

    • Supporting Christian workers in Israel 

    • Organizing prayer support for Israel

      New Bibles
    • Working with Jews and Arabs

  • Supporting the growing church in Romania
  • Bless New Romanian Believers with a Bible


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