You may ask why Romania is involved with a mission started for and dedicated to Israel?


The fantastic truth is that a Palestinian Arab that was converted to Christianity through I.A.I.’s ministry was visiting Romania for medical needs (supplied for by IAI) when the taxi driver found Jesus and this led to a large network of new churches in over 50 cities! I.A.I. supports this work in many ways. We support ministers, supply vehicles and even food for the needy.

This has been a work that has  literally exploded far beyond what we ever expected. Therefore today, I.A.I. finds itself active in a vibrant pioneer work that grows daily as literally hundreds of new believers find the Lord each month .

Report from Cornel Barcu, leader of the Ramanian Outreach. Given at Christian Retreat in January 2010

Greetings from our churches in Romania. I am carrying for you a big bag with thanks from your brothers and sisters there.

* They thank you for - letting them or leading them to understand God the way that you understand God.

* They thank you for - changing their life, from darkness to lightness bringing the Lord to them.

* They thank you for - your prayers for them, to help them to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Romania and they send you their loves.



I would like to tell you about what is your prayer have done in Romania for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Mark 16:15 Jesus says: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. Now, our world local world is Romania. We go to every corner of the country to preach the gospel, so:

believers1. In 2009 we registered 582 new believers in 158 churches. The registering is going on these days. The others, estimated at 1500 believers, from the rest of more than 550 churches are on the way to register. It is good to know that during the last 2 years more than 4000 believers went to work outside the country, some of them establishing new Christian Retreat Churches in Spain, Italy and Germany. This does not mean we have now 4000 believers less, because instead of them came another new 4000. And we are happy that these 4000 people went outside the country with Jesus. They work for their families and they work for God, spreading the gospel of Jesus through more than 4 millions Romanians, working in Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

2. Within this year the Lord gave us 11 new churches in new villages and towns, where we did not have church before. At the end of the year one of them had 120 believers into a village where the Orthodox Church is very strong.

3. During this very difficult economical year, around 25 churches divided temporarily in smaller house churches but most of them increasing the members’ number. In 2009, in Bucharest, where is the main church, we lost the rented church building, but the church is going on temporarily through more than 15 house churches, because we could not pay the rent. We pray the Lord finds an opportunity to get it back or to rent another larger building for the nearest future, even our vision is to have our own CHURCH BUILDING IN BUCHAREST. We keep praying and we know that Jesus will answer our prayer.

4. We are happy to tell you that within 2009 Lord Jesus guided us to put together 27 broken families most of them waiting for divorce. This period in both in Romania and other European Country became very easy to divorce and marry a younger woman. It became like a new fashion, but this is not what we want what God want us to do. There is no one family to divorce in all our churches, but many broken families nonbelievers are on the way to put together. We do obey the Word of God and in 2009 we brought to Jesus more than 150 alcoholic people who started a new life with Jesus. Lord led us to bring Him this year 2009 more than 20 former gamblers, being now good help for the church. Rodica is one of our workers who devoted herself for this work. She is preaching these words hundreds of time a day together with her group of women. In 2009 they brought to Jesus more than 40 street girls. They are working now a clean job and many of them married and on the way to have children. In 2009, we have been in touch in Bucharest with many homeless people who left their village houses. We gave them shelter, many times food and the Gospel of Jesus. 45 of them returned to their homes and they have now a new life with Jesus. Thank You Lord! We ministered to underground children, teenagers and youngsters. We gave them shelter and food and we gave them Jesus. 30 of them turned back to their homes in the village. Now they are back to their families and most of them speak about Jesus. Two young men opened already a church in their village. In 2009, we gave over 1000 hot meals to the street children, underground teenagers, homeless people and that is just through the prayer. The Lord provided everything each time. Thank You Jesus. 2009 was a good year for the missions in jails. We preached the gospel 3 times in 2 jails. We ministered to more than 600 prisoners, in big groups or individual, praying for some of the most violent prisoners. Through Jesus they got the hope. Many of them accepted Jesus as their Saviour and pray for each other. For 3 of them Jesus switched the mind of the court and through new trial they are on the way to be released. Also 2009 was a good year for us working with orphanages. We were involved in 8 orphanages in the country getting the permission to let them know Jesus the way we know Him. Even our material help was not big enough, through our prayers and kids prayers, by the ways showed us by the Lord, Jesus made the authorities to give them good support. To take the life of unborn child is like an adult crime. Many women in Romania agree to do that pushed by Satan, because they do not know this new life is in the plan of God. In 2009 Lord Jesus guided us to save the life of more than 25 babies, being in the way to be killed in their mother room by abortion. Thank You Jesus!


5. In Mark 16:15 Jesus says: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. We do preach the Word of God in few different ways. As we started to know Jesus, 13 years ago, when Brother Gerald told me “Stay in front of the people and read the Bible” we understand that the most important way is to read the Word. Jesus knows everything and He knows that the most important need to read the Bible is to have it. In Romania not much people afford to buy a Bible, but the Lord answered their prayers and in 2009 He blessed us by more than 1500 Bibles. Jesus used His children to make for us this wonderful gift, he used His children from United States and Canada, he used you dear brothers and sisters and we thank you so much for letting be used by the Lord in this wonderful way. The Bibles you donated to our families are holding a message from each donor and each time the Bible is opened it’s starting by the first page and by a prayer for the actual bearer of the Bible for his donor, praising the Lord! We thank to Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship to let every affiliated church to plant their seeds in Romania.

In 2009 Lord Jesus blessed us with strength and power for missions inside the country. It is a continuous work of each leader, to bring the news of Jesus to a new neighbour church every month, it’s a continuous mission of groups of brothers and sisters from Bucharest to travel to our village-churches but more than this we get the benefit of the outreach missions held by our brothers Said from the Holy Land, the missionary sent by the Prophet of God, Gerald, to open the Mission in Romania in 1996. That is what the Lord tells us to do as a gift from ourselves to ourselves.

But more than that, in 2009 Lord Jesus blessed us with 2 missions of our mother church Christian Retreat and G.C.M.F. through Praise Fellowship Church in Coatesville. These 2 missions, were a blessing both for the 29 churches visited and the seminar held by Brother Gerald with his team (Barry SCHODER, Jim WITMER, Ruth WITMER, Jeremiah WISE) for 40 from our leaders and for the many other churches sending their people to attend the day and night meetings.New Church

In 2009 the Lord continued to provide the funds for our new church building in the village of Dragaesti. This is the first church building of Gospel Crusade in Romania and we thank Lord Jesus every day for using our brothers Rob GARRETT and Jim WITMER, with their families in such a wonderful way for His Glory. We pray much this church building to be ready this year 2010.

In 2009 the Lord continued to bless us with signs, healings, wonders and miracles. They happened to almost every church location, they happened sometimes as an answer to the prayers but they always happened to show us the GLORY of GOD. Healings and miracles happened during each mission of our brothers and sister from the States, after they left, or they are expected to happen. The last sign of our Lord Jesus was showed us this year, in January 5, and I want to share it with you. Thank You Jesus.

I want to say a few words about somebody loved so much in Romania, because he was used by the Lord to change our life.

Moses, the MAN OF GOD, released the Israel people from the Egyptians slavery and bondage and he is the Jewish Leader. He is unique for the people of God.

After 3200 years, another MAN OF GOD was chosen to bring Jesus to Romania. He named His Prophet Gerald to do that.

What Moses was for Jewish People that time is Gerald DERSTINE for us, the Romanian People now.

We were not the slaves of Egyptians, but we were the slaves of the blind eyes for Jesus, into the post-communist country of Romania.

We were not released from the Egyptian bondage but we were released from the religion of the Orthodox Church growing up into the post-communist country of Romania.

We did not cross the Red Sea and we did not wandered in the desert but we were wandered into a modern society which has no goal.

We did not get the 10 commandments but we got much more through God’s Prophet Gerald, we got the salvation of Jesus Christ. Thank You Jesus! Praised be Your name!

Now at the beginning of 2010 I want to say few words about Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship, founded by the Romanian Prophet of God.

When first time came to Romania, we did not know what means GCMF and what the people of this Organisation are doing. Just we received the gift of their coming: preaching the Gospel of Jesus, teaching us the Word of God, understanding the Word of God, the way that you do.

After the first mission of Brother Gerald to Romania, in February 1997, with other 3 missionaries, mentioned in our records as <>, when Brother Gerald opened our first church and we chose to name this church, Christian Retreat ROMANIA, we had many other Missions to bring us the news of Jesus from the States and Canada.

Today, when we are already into the second decade of the 3rd millennium, I want to thank again and again to Lord Jesus for sending us His disciples enrolled in GCMF to bring us His Word and I want to thank personally to each of these workers of God: and I apologize to not remind today the other tens of workers of God ministring to our churches in Romania. They all are recorded in our Christian Retreat Romania Honour Book and they are in our special prayers.